I bought 2 tickets to an event in phoenix 3 months before the event. After the guy at the door let them through even though the tickets would not scan (his bad) they sat down in the seats that I paid $260 for.

After a few minutes another couple said my wife n kid were in THEIR seats........ guess what???? they were right! Song ticketing sent me bad tickets and confirmed they had done so after the weekend and AFTER my wife was HUMILIATED through no fault of their own.

They said they will refund %125 percent (which is going on 3 days now and no refund although it does 3-7 business days) but who cares????

The night, the plans, the 3 months of build-up and excitment all turned to a giant horrible weekend. Thank you Song ticketing you incompetent leaches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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