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Warning I went to the website of the venue "Durham Performing Arts Center" website on Nov.26, 2010 and linked to a pop up (didn't know it at the time)that looked lajit, ordered 2 tickets @ $48 ea. for Christmas presents(with fees and shipping $128.00)for lower level center or "best available" what i received were the next to last row in the balcony with a face value of $20 ea.I contacted only to be told "THATS WHAT OUR POLICY STATS".

This is a ripoff and I will contact my local news station, hopefully they will warn others.

Merry Christmas!

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Hey roger thanks for telling us what a secondary market means! But *** that's not what this is about we are checking the legitimacy of this website not what it proposes to do.

This website claims on their privacy policy that they 'SITE (the website in question) and its TICKET SELLERS (the resellers)are not directly affiliated with any performer, sports team, or venue; and SITE does not act as a primary sale box office, unless otherwise stated.' Questionable yes? Using words like *** to sway people to questions themselves is a great ploy, but one for a ***.

So please try and be smart somewhere else, even if this website is sketchy as *** people still need to see how much of a *** you actually are. But people please look at these things they can save you a ton of money and tons of headaches


And learn to spell. You sound like you seriously did not even finish the third grade.

lajit? You seriously spelled legit, "lajit?" That has to go down as one of the worst, and most idiotic spelling mistakes I have seen in my entire life.


You are all idiots. Why don't you actually look up the secondary ticket market and see how it works?

It is simply supply and demand. Brokers buy tickets and customers pay a fair market value. If you paid over face value for your tickets it is because that is what people were buying them for. Shame on you if you did not check the box office first.

However, more than likely the box office was sold out and that is why you paid over face value. Simple economics people. And those are not all of the same sites. You are an *** as well.

TicketNetwork is an umbrella site and they allow all of the other sites to have access to their tickets and they make a commission off of the sales.

You try to ruin people's good businesses because you are ***. Get a clue.


Do not nuy from these websites. You willl get screwed. and and and

Ticket Master and bank Atlantic center is some of the tricks they use to generate sales from suckers like me. Dont be next.

#390734 and and and

These are clone, fake, sham websites that dupe the public into thinking they are buying from

Ticket Master and bank Atlantic..



I guess this is buyer beware. I overpaided for Deep Purple tickets by 60 per ticket.

When I googled the Jubilee Auditorium there was a link for Jub tickets so I naturally went there. I was surprised how expensive it was but thought I was on ticket master. I definately wasnt. I called and was also quoted their policy which basically is once we have your money you are screwed.

Expensive lesson NEVER PURCHASE FROM THESE PEOPLE. It cost me 100 dollars per ticket or 300 total to learn my lesson.

#356074 is the same as

Under both names they are a scam and a fraud. Their website shows guarantees.

Under "about us" they have a disclaimer buried in fine print.

They sold me two tix and sent a confirmatory email. Then they called 6 hours later and said I could only have the tix for 100 more PER TICKET.


My question to you is did you get a legitamate Invoice with your tickets. I recently got tickets that look legitamte, appear to be what i ordered according to my invoice, did you get the same and it turned out the tickets had been modified or were the tickets not what you ordered at all. please do reply to my email

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